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“Hands off Sri Lanka” – United Voice of People of Jaffna

[2012-03-18 15:17:28]

Over 9000 people from Tamil and Muslim communities marched to Durayappah stadium in Jaffna from all directions to show their apprehension to US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka on Saturday (17) morning. Protestors walked along the Point Pedro road, Stanley Road and reached the C.T.B. bus stand and raised their voice protesting against western powers trying to bring in charges of impunity during humanitarian operations under the pretext human rights violations.

Almost all protestors carried national flags, banners and placards condemning the effort of UNHRC to bring resolution against the Sri Lankan government. The protest march walked nearly for two hours around the main streets of Jaffna showing their solidarity at the hour of need. One Muslim peasant described these allegations as regrettable in the face of development on the fast track in Jaffna. Another gentleman stated that western powers should not play “unnecessary games” with relatively small countries especially like Sri Lanka to cover u their acts of crimes against civilians.

Marching crowd shouted their gratefulness to the government and forces for ushering peace after eliminating the period of terror and violence. Some banners intimated clear vision of Jaffna people to live in peace. They further warned to UNHRC not to interfere counties internal affairs.

Different civilian societies from various parts of the peninsula joined together in the protest.

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