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Young Kajenthini Recovering after Heart Surgery

[2012-03-31 09:58:14]
2nd Update

Krishnakumar Kajenthini, the 20 year old girl from Erlalai, Kadduvan in Jaffna who was admitted to Colombo Asiri Heart Care Centre by the Army for an urgent heart surgery is now reported out of danger after a successful surgery on Friday (30), hospital reports said.

She was admitted to hospital in a critical condition after being examined by Dr. Vivek Guptha, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon of Asiri Heart Care Centre during a free medical camp organized by the Atchelu-based 511 Brigade on 18th March 2012. (See “Latest News” Titled “511 Brigade Coordinates another Medical Camp for Civilians” on 19 March 2012 of www.cimicjaffna.lk)

With auspices of Commander Security Forces - Jaffna (SF-J) Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe, 511 Brigade initiated the campaign “Saving Kajenthini” to educate the public and find donors to save the life of the girl. Having realized the girl’s critical condition, her poor economical background and the Army’s enthusiasm to cure this heart patient, Dr. V. Guptha decided to wave off his professional charges on the surgery. As a response to the request of Dr. Guptha and Clinical Director of Asiri Heart Care Centre Dr. Anil Perera, Chief Executive Officer of Asiri Surgiacl Hospital Dr. Manjula Karunarathne promised to relinquish the hospital charges too and informed the Army to buy only two valves required.

Mr. Kirubananthan, an engineer and Jaffna-born philanthropist who constantly joins hands with the Army to enhance welfare of Jaffna people, this time too came forward to spend Rs. 400,000/= for this innocent girl’s life at the request of the Army. (Earlier, Mr. Kirubanathan donated uniforms to all students at two schools in Kayts and opened bank accounts for four war-affected disable students at “Kaithady Nuffield’s School for the Deaf and Blinds” with a deposit of Rs. 25000/= for each.)

Condition of the girl and urgency of the medical treatment was communicated to Commander SF-J by the Commander 511 Brigade and got the air facility arranged for the patient and her mother from Palaly to Katunayaka on 27th March.

Doctor who examined the girl prior to the surgery found that only one valve is to be replaced however Mr. Kirubanathan was so kind that he did not take back his donation of Rs. 400,000/=, instead deposited the balance Rs. 200,000/= at the Asiri Heart Care Centre for requirements of more heart patients sent to the hospital by the Security Forces - Jaffna (SF-J) in future. The deposit of money rose to Rs. 300,000/= when the Hospital managed to buy the valve only for Rs. 100,000/=.

The 511 Brigade organized a group of soldiers to donate required amount of B+ Blood prior to and after the surgery and 3rd Battalion (Volunteer) Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (3 (V) VIR) serving at Urelu under the 511 Brigade is taking care of her family at Erlalai until the return of their mother. Only three weeks had just passed after the death of Kajenthini’s father whenshe came to the free medical camp organized by the 511 Brigade at J / Kopay Navalar School.

Ms Jessie, the Cardiac Coordinator of the Asiri Surgical Hospital, extended an excellent support liaising and coordinating with the Army. The Lions’ Club of Kopay was with the Army throughout the course.

Mr. Kirubananthan with Kajenthini & her mother before the surgery
Dr. Guptha with Kajenthini before the surgery
Dr. Guptha & Dr. Anil Perera after Kajenthini's surgery

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