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Soldiers & Civilians in Jaffna Jointly Celebrate Sinhala & Hindu New Year

[2012-04-13 18:15:22]

Highlighting the significance of age-old traditions and religious performances, people in Jaffna celebrated the Sinhala and Hindu New Year 2012 in high profile. Since days prior to the festival, all shops in Jaffna city and other urban areas were filled with customers buying needs for the oncoming cultural festival. Festivals to celebrate the New Year had been organized many places in the peninsula with traditional games and sports.

Security Forces - Jaffna (SF-J) with coordination of civilians in respective areas organized a number of New Year festivals. The 552 Brigade at Iyakkachchi on 7th April organized a festival at the Brigade ground with participation of people in Iyakkachchi area. More than 1500 civilians took part in various sports events such as musical chair, tug-of-war, weaving cadjans, eating buns etc.. Troops of 23rd Gemunu Watch and 12th Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment organized the Iyakkachchi New Year Festival.

The 51 Division at Kopay also organized a New Year festival at the 51 Division playground on 10th April. Nearly 2500 civilians living in Urumpirai, Selvapuram, Yogapuram and Krishna Kovilady took part in events with joy and enthusiasm. Climbing greasy pole, marathon, pillow fighting, eying the elephant and various other traditional games and sports had been included in the day’s programme by the Army for villagers. Thevaraja Thinesh and Rameshwari Janani won valuable prizes as the winners of male and female bicycle races respectively. Mahenthiran Thanushan and Suntharam Gauri were the winners of the marathon race. M. Thilakshana of Selvapuram was crowned as the New Year Princess. Seven girls from neighbouring villages and five female soldiers were present for the New Year Princess competition. The 51 Division offered cash prizes to all village girls who participated in the New Year Princes competition and valuable prizes to winners of other events.

Religious leaders, General Officer Commanding 51 Division Brigadier Piyal Wickramarathne, Brigade Commanders, senior Army officers, Grama Niladharis and a large crowd of villagers were present at Kopay New Year Festival.

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