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US Ambassador on Her Maiden Visit to Jaffna Meets Security Forces Commander

[2012-09-19 12:25:18]

“Government was compelled to recruit members to the Army in large numbers to fight terrorists who attempted to capture nearly one third of the country encompassing more than two thirds of the coastal belt. For the reason that war is over, government cannot send those soldiers, who dedicatedly fought the terrorism, home and they have to be housed within the country. Jaffna is one part of Sri Lanka. However, number of troops present in Jaffna is lesser comparing to some districts in the island. Nevertheless, some parties and media for political reasons are trying to exaggerate this number”, Commander Security Forces Jaffna (SF-J) Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe revealed these facts during his meeting with the OHCHR (Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights) officials on visit to Jaffna on Monday (17).

US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Her Excellency Michelle Sison and a team of diplomatic officials of the US embassy paid a curtsey call on the Commander Security Forces - Jaffna (SF-J) Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe on Tuesday (18) morning.

Ms. Michelle Sison, on her first visit to the Headquarters SF-J, Palaly received a warm welcome on her arrival and was offered opportunity to acquire more information on Jaffna and its present situation during a meeting with the SF-J Commander.

Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe told the Ambassador that Jaffna on fast development track and people are engaged in agriculture, fishing and trade without any hindrance. He said that civil administration is fully functional in Jaffna and the Army has now withdrawn from maintaining law and order in the peninsula and Police is dispensing duties maintaining peace and law and order.

The visiting ambassador was enlightened on the amiable Civil Military Coordination prevailing in Jaffna and measures the Army has taken to assist Jaffna populace initiating numerous welfare projects to uplift their economy, health and education, and the assistance that Army extended in a greater way in government’s effort in resettlement in Jaffna which was successfully completed. He further said that future of many Ex-LTTE combatants has been made safe through livelihood projects launched for them by the Army.

After a cordial meeting with the Commander SF-J, HE Michelle Sison left Palaly to continue with the rest of her itinerary.

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