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“Love Is Divine, Share It with Others” - Ishwara Sarma
[Updated :: 2010-10-24 17:06:07 Hours]

World’s existence depends on Love, something you get more and more when you share it with others. Love is preached by all religious leaders born on this earth, and it is considered divine. Cause for all conflicts in the present world is that man refrains from practising giving love to others. However, CIMIC TEAM met one such personality dedicated to giving love throughout his life span of eighty years. By name, he is Sabaratne Iyer Ishwara Sarma of Nallur.

Q: Would you like to flashback your memory as to how you turned a person of spiritual practices.
A: Well, from my birth I was brought up in an environment full of love and kindness. My father, Sri S.Sabharatna Iyer was my first Guru and my mother espoused his course of teaching. Father taught me Manthra and Sanskrit in addition to general school work.. I was blessed with opportunity of having company of great scholars like Dr.T.M.P. Mahadevan, Swami Shivananda and Swami Rengananatha of Ramakrishna Mission who all were very eminent Scholars in India in my school age and later life. I completed my education at Jaffna Hindu College and at Jaffna College under eminent teachers from England and India and also from my own country. I gratefully remember my VIDYA GURU Brahmasri T.K.Sitharama Sasthrigal who taught me Sanskrit—The Vedas and also Sanskrit Language and Literature I was really fortunate in learning love and life from HIM..

Q: You served in the government sector for some time.

A: I joined the public service in 1950 as a clerk at the Department of Inland Revenue and served in Matale, Kandy and Badulla, Jaffna and finally in Colombo. I got many experiences working under foreign Administrators. I retired in 1961 to serve in the field I liked ,Religion and Philosophy. I am student of Comparative Religions.. My pension allowance was Rs. 196 at the time of my retirement. Thanks to God now it has risen to Rs. 9000.00 And that is my main income other than a few coins earned through private teaching.

Q: You have lectured on spiritual development in foreign countries too. Would you like to mention a little about that.
A: Yes I worked with charity associations in countries like Malaysia, Holland and Australia and paid brief visits to London for the same purpose.

Q: If I say you are now living a secluded life away from the society, would you agree with me ?
A: Not totally. There are righteous and loving elders who understand my ways of life and love me. However I am poor today and many keep me away. I trust in Lord MY MOTHER and She, I am sure will open a door always. I HAVE NO ILL FEELING TOWARDS ANY ONE AND I LOVE ALL EVER AND EVER. Giving, giving without expecting anything is what I learnt from my father and I will adhere to this till my death.

Q: How do you feel the difference between the period of war and now, peace.
A: My answer is short. We then received attacks of guns. Now we have frequent attacks of smile. Sincere Smile this is the need today.

Q: You are 81 years old. Would you kindly elaborate the secret behind a healthy life.
A: Simple way of life. I get up at 3.30 early in the morning. Engage in meditation and prayer from 4.30 to 7.00. Then have a light milk coffee instead of breakfast. My next meal is lunch and I have early dinner. Totally vegetarian I love all. No ill will, jealousy anger and hatred. I am always grateful for all that God and Society give me. Gratitude gives us more..

Q: Any message to younger generation.
A: Young and old to all my humble appeal. Let us all live in love. Respect all. Never even for a moment forget that A Supreme Power of Love—God-is there to look after us always. Thank You.

www.cimicjaffna.com wishes long life to Mr. Sharma.

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