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He Heals Fractures & Pains
[Updated :: 2011-01-08 11:28:37 Hours]
All religious doctrines advocates that treating and curing the sick is noble and meritorious. Lord Buddha preached that attending to sick people is similar to paying homage to Lord Buddha himself. King Buddhadasa of ancient Sri Lanka was famous for his art of curing not only ailing people but ailing animals.

In days of yore, Vedamahattaya (indigenous doctor) was one of the most prominent and respected village figures in our country. Although the existence of that ancient system gradually faded away with introduction of western medicine, indigenous healing system did not completely vanish.

During the tour across Jaffna, the Jaffna CIMIC team met one kind-hearted gentleman who cures fractures and pains of people using indigenous Ayurvedic medicine. Dr. Sivananthiyan Saunthirarajan of Chunnakam South practices a healing system which is hereditary. His father, grandfather and greatgrand father had all been old indigenous doctors.

Joining the discussion with the CIMIC team, this 49 year old charming personality said, “I studied at Mailany Siva Maha Viddiyalam at Chunnakam up to Ordinary Level. From my childhood I saw how my father treated men, women and children for various illnesses. His way of treating them made me interested in learning this art of healing.”

We witnessed how he diagnosed illnesses by touching Nadi (veins).

“I want my children to take forward this science as a family heritage. I am happy that my 24 year old daughter Saunthirarajan Linda is learning it. I have three daughters and two sons. My wife Saunthirarajan Shanthi is looking after my home while I am seeing patients at my medicine hall in Chunnakam.”, he added.

In recognition of his service, Ayurvedic Medical Council of Sri Lanka has registered him as an Ayurvedic Doctor under the Reg. No. 8857.

“I am visiting patients at Siddha Vishesha Ayurvedic hospital Jaffna. In addition to villagers, many security forces and Police personnel are getting medicine from me.”, Dr. Saunthirarajan happily claimed.

He prepares medicine and herbal oil out of herbal plants found from village. His sister Ms Gnanasaundari is also an Ayurvedic general physician in Jaffna.

Before giving us leave he said, “We are happy that people from South are visiting Jaffna today. We must develop good relations with each other. We now enjoy peace. Those days we had to pay taxes to different groups. But now we can engage in our daily routine without any trouble.”

Jaffna CIMIC team wishes Dr. Saunthirarajan long life to heal many more lives.

His contact numbers are: 021 5100173 and 077 0391670.

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